Indigo Safaris: Personalized Travel Experiences Across Africa and Beyond

At Indigo Safaris, we pride ourselves on our extensive firsthand knowledge, carefully selected service providers, and trusted suppliers. Christopher, our founder, has immersed himself in the landscapes of southern and eastern Africa, Oceania, Indonesia, and South America. His experiences, garnered from living, working, and exploring these regions independently, enable him to tailor unforgettable journeys for our clients. We meticulously vet and partner with lodges, hotels, dive centers, safari operators, trekking companies, and vehicle rental agencies, all of which are affiliated with their respective national tourism boards.

Our journey began with Christopher’s passion for Africa, ignited during a transformative trip to Namibia in 1997. After relocating to KwaZulu Natal in 2005 and honing his skills as a safari and underwater guide, he fused his love for exploration with his talents in photography and writing. This fusion led him to embark on assignments in East Africa, enriching his understanding of the continent’s diverse landscapes and cultures.

In 2009, Christopher returned to the UK, where he channeled his expertise and affection for Africa into founding Indigo Safaris. Joined by Ines Moosmann in 2015, an industry veteran with extensive knowledge of lodges and camps across Africa and beyond, our team expanded its capabilities. Ines, now our Sales & Product Manager, brings a wealth of experience from her travels through Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, The Philippines, The Maldives, India, and Australia.

Matthew O’Brien, a seasoned guide from Namibia and Botswana, joined us in 2019, infusing our team with his exemplary safari expertise and passion for storytelling. Kerry, based in Cape Town since May 2022, enhances our team with her profound understanding of Southern and Eastern Africa, cultivated over years of guiding and itinerary design.

In early 2023, Matthew Milward, hailing from Cape Town, joined us, bringing six years of safari specialization and a global perspective gained from his travels on cruise ships and across Africa. Michele Addison, based in the Eastern Cape, enriches our team with over two decades of experience as a tour guide, dive operator, and tour operator across Southern Africa.

Together, we are dedicated to curating unparalleled safari experiences and sharing our profound love for Africa’s wilderness and its people with discerning travelers worldwide.

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